Welcome to Genesis Custom Homes, a Premier Builder in Colorado!

Whether you are building your first home or a retirement or vacation home, Genesis Custom Homes can help design and build a custom home specifically for you. Whether your project is large or small, our team is devoted to fulfilling your

During our consultation, we will ask specific questions about your wants and needs. Following that meeting, we will design a custom built home tailored to your needs.

A home construction project is an intimate process. Your home is the foundation of your life and construction can turn that upside down. But done properly, this process can be creative, exciting and renewing. Our number one goal is to make your project safe, predictable and yes, fun.

Whatever your inspiration, our experienced design professionals and expert construction team can help you create the exact look you’ve always wanted (or dreamed of) for your home.

  • We provide custom home building.
  • Use only the highest quality licensed and insured contractors.
  • Work with the client in design features, trim and finish details.
  • Design a home that meets their goals and budget