Expanded Services

We recognize that as time passes, lifestyles change and so does your family’s needs. This is where Genesis Custom Homes can help. We can do add ons, tear downs, remodels, etc. For example, Dad may want a hobby room and Mom needs a home office, whatever your remodeling needs are, Genesis Custom Homes is ready to provide you with the quality you expect and the service you deserve!

We particularly specialize in basement refinishing, bathroom/kitchen remodels, internal and external painting, and much more!

A basement remodel or finishout has so many advantages — it opens up the house to create new spaces, and gives homeowners endless possibilities for their new enlarged space. A dark and gloomy basement can, with a little extra lighting and some touches of paint be converted into a fresh and cheerful room that can be used for so many purposes — a home theater, gym, a home office, entertainment area, play room etc. A basement finishing project requires skills, precision, and attention to detail. There are many things that have to be taken care of, like the insulation, water proofing, and correct lighting and so on.

Please contact us to see what services we could provide for you