A separate division of Genesis Custom Homes, Genesis Painting is dedicated to providing the best possible painting services for your home.  With an eye towards the best possible finishes for custom homes we are just as dedicated to the finish of the exterior or interior of your home.  We use only the best possible products in the painting industry in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Genesis Painting can provide the following services for your convenience:  interior and exterior residential repaints, new custom construction paints, stain and lacquer, Multi Family units and HOA’s.

Business and painting methodologies vary, here are our beliefs:
Pricing:  Profit is essential in order for any business to stay alive, however paying the highest price does not always guarantee the best work, and paying the lowest almost always guarantees you are getting what you paid for.  Many national companies are franchises with high overhead such as franchise fees, partner payouts, rents, and advertising fees.  These high costs must be covered by your job in order to stay in operation.  These high fees do not guarantee the company is using the best materials available nor doing the best job on your home.  On the other extreme the lowest prices from contactors may not be the best either.  Major tract home builders hire painters for very little to paint your home.  In order to make things work contractors are forced to use the cheapest materials available and work as fast as possible.  All paint manufactures have builder grade paint and caulk available.  Combine this with a very thin coat of paint and your new home purchase looks bad after only a few years.  Many repaint companies use the same materials and methodologies.  You can make anything look good for awhile but is that what you really want.   At Genesis Painting we are determined to make your home look as good as possible for as long as possible.  We use only the best high grade paints and caulks.  Proper preparation of your home is also key to longevity.  Ask us about our materials used and the differences.  Almost never are we the highest price because we don’t have the overhead of the large national companies, nor are we typically the cheapest, but I promise you will get the best possible job for a fair price.
Spraying versus Hand rolling and brushing:  In my opinion both methods have their merits and downfalls.   Spraying is wonderful from the standpoint of the time spent painting a home or room.  It can however if used improperly leave areas uncovered.  Point the nozzle up and the top ridges on the siding don’t get covered.  Point the nozzle down or even parallel to the siding and the bottom edges don’t get covered.  Cannot tell you how many times I’ve shown homeowners how from the ground their home looks fine but from the ladder looking down the home looks unpainted.  Spraying paint also has a tendency to leave paint of top of the rough surface and does not penetrate porous material properly.  Many companies will claim that pressure spraying alone guarantees a certain thickness of paint on your home.  This is untrue.  Spraying paint can be very thin or applied to the point of paint dripping, both of which are incorrect.  Hand brushing as done in the old days is very inefficient and not cost effective.  If done by one person, which is best, because application will be more consistent than several workers will take forever, intruding on your lives unnecessarily.  Genesis Painting believes that sprayers are effective in bringing paint from the bucket to the house instead of hand dipping with brushes or rollers for efficiency purposes but that it is important for the applicator to use a brush at the same time in order to work the paint into the surface and ensure coverage on all edges.
Warranties:  In order to differentiate themselves many companies are offering what they call 5 year or in some cases 7 year warranties.  Do not be fooled, read their warranties.  Once you read their warranties and all the exclusions to the warranty you will find that there really is no warranty at all.  Unfortunately many people don’t take the time to read this information and fall for the sales pitch and end up paying a higher price for something they think they are getting but really are not.  We will not mislead you in this area.  Let’s face it, we live in Colorado.  The extreme temperature changes, the intensity of the sun at our altitude are hard on all materials.  If you have areas of your home that are flat and can hold onto water or snow you will have to perform maintenance on a regular basis.  Areas that are typical for this are deck rails or decorative trim around windows.  Proper preparation of the material will help but in no case can it possibly last for several years.

Our promises to you:

  • Work with you to determine the best color choices for your home.  Design consultants are available to work with you in determining the color scheme best suited for you and your home.
  • We use quality paints and products, such as: Paint
  • Show up on time and finish on time.  You are on a schedule yourself.  It is our goal to make the work done on your home as in evasive as possible so you can go on with your life.
  • Thoroughly cleanup project site every day.
  • Provide the best possible pricing for services rendered.
  • Treat you with respect, not mislead you.  If we discover rot during work, we will let you know what it will take to fix it and provide you with a written change order out lining the proper fix and costs associated.  Any problem areas will be shown to you and services recommended.
  • Your satisfaction.  On single family residences you do not pay until the job is completed to your satisfaction.  On commercial jobs a payment schedule will be outlined with a hold back of a percentage until job is completed to satisfaction.